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Cheyenne Marie Kern is a recent graduate of Beloit College. While there, she was seen on stage in five department shows, two student led pieces, and two dance shows. Most recently portraying Mimi in RENT, Cheyenne has also been seen as Lena (The Romeo Initiative), Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Sorrel Bliss (Hay Fever), Hilde (The Lady from the Sea), Gianetta, (The Gondoliers), and Lucinda (Into the Woods). 

Currently, Cheyenne is part of the inaugural year of Open Jar Institute's Residency Program. Here she is working alongside leaders Jeff Whiting, James Gray, and Stacia Fernandez with acting lessons from Carol Rosenfeld and dance classes from Lisa Harvey.  She is also getting the workout of the century from fitness instructor Amanda Kloots. 

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