The Advanced Professional designation is reserved for clients who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Currently Performing in an AEA Union Production (Broadway, National Tour, Regional, etc.)
  2. Earn their living exclusively in performance (Musical Theater or Classical Stage, Concert, Recording, Film, TV, etc.)
  3. Have one or more performance awards (TONY, GRAMMY, AMA, CMA, MTV, EMMY, OSCAR, etc.)
  4. Is signed to a record label, or working with a production company, who is responsible for the cost of training.


  1. 24/7 access -  On call 24/7 in all time zones for Advanced Professional singers.
  2. BUMP - Advanced Professional clients may schedule an appointment in ANY hour of the schedule. If necessary I will "bump" another client to another time-slot, in order accommodate the intricacies of an Adv Pro performance or rehearsal schedule.
  3. On Site Assessment and/or Coaching - I am available to travel as needed to support Adv Pro clients.

Payments for Advanced Professional Division Clients are processed and/or invoiced on an individual basis. No payment button for this division exists on the website.

30 minutes $110
60 minutes $220 
90 Minutes $330  
**Additional Fees
There is an additional 5% INTERNET Credit Card  transaction fee on all CC payments.
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