• Please read this entire page and then fill out and submit the Client Intake Form below, prior to attending your first lesson.
  • Please come to your appointment in comfortable, full range of motion clothing. If necessary you may bring a change of clothing with you to change into. No binding or tight clothing please.
  • Please bring an audio recording device - recent smart phones are suitable for this purpose.
  • Bring sheet music for the song(s) you wish to work on.
  • Head-shot and resume, if available.
  • Please walk in with a "ready to learn" attitude. And please don't be nervous. We are here to help YOU!

Cash and Credit/Debit cards only, no Personal Checks accepted. Lessons must be paid for prior to the lesson.

If you need to cancel your appointment you must do so 48 hours before your scheduled time. Appointments cancelled without this notice will be charged the full appointment fee. However, you are always offered a makeup lesson, even when the cancellation is without notice. A makeup class can be scheduled with ANY SVS instructor of your choosing, or as schedules permit. If a make-up class cannot be scheduled for an appointment cancelled without 48 hours notice, the student must be responsible for the entire fee. All make-ups must be scheduled within the NEXT calendar week, unless otherwise agreed upon by your instructor.

In the course of study your teacher may need to touch you at various points on the body (including and not limited to, upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, pelvis, head, neck, and torso.) Your instructor will always endeavor to ask your verbal permission beforehand. Please indicate your acceptance of this policy during the New Client account creation process.

Sabella Voice Studios is committed to using the best scientific and artistic information to bring you the highest quality voice training experience possible. Part of that experience is the ability to learn from your peers. Additionally, learning from each other’s experience and process is indeed invaluable. With this in mind, we offer a very exciting opportunity to enhance your learning, and help others learn as well. Now, through live streaming video technology, you can watch other students sessions in the studio, live as it is happening. Each lesson can be recorded for later viewing so YOU can watch your OWN voice lesson and further enhance your own learning experience.

The live stream and video recordings can be accessed by computer directly from our website (“View a Live Lesson”), or from our YouTube Channels. Each video recording can be made either PUBLIC for all to view, or PRIVATE, viewable only to those with whom you share the link.

Each Student, and/or their parents (if minor), have the absolute right to privacy and may at any time refuse to participate in the live stream and or recording option, on a per lesson basis. However, if you wish to participate at any time at all you must agree to the Video/Audio Recording option on the New Client account creation page before your participation in this option can begin.

There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this service.


Inclement Weather Policy

When/If New York City suspends the public school system or public transportation, then all NYC On-Site sessions will be cancelled.

When/If the NJ School System (Essex County) suspends the public school system or public transportation, then all NJ On-Site sessions will be officially cancelled. However, since clients in NJ do not rely upon public transportation, clients may opt to keep  their scheduled appointments, if a safe commute is possible. Please confirm with your instructor that you are indeed keeping your appointment.

Remain as scheduled unless there is a power outage for either the client or instructor. If power remains but inclement weather disrupts the VoIP transmission of an online session, then the sessions is cancelled without penalty.

In the event of inclement weather and or a school closure (NYC & NJ), ALL SCHEDULED ON-SITE sessions can be delivered online, if possible. Please inform your instructor if you wish to meet online.

School Delays (NYC & NJ) may or may not affect the studio schedule. Email David for details.

All active clients please join our Sabella Voice Studios Facebook Group.  In the event of a power outage information will be disseminated via our phone’s Facebook application. Sometimes this is the ONLY means with which to send a message. Please be sure you are a member of this group.

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